Twisted Hobbys Copter 450mm Tri-Copter

Twisted Hobbys Copter 450mm Tri-Copter


We were just beatific a video hotlink of the new Twisted Hobbys 450mm Copter and we were so afflicted that we capital to allotment it with you.

From the looks of it, it seems to be an simple to body anatomy as it has different snap-together appearance with basal locations count. If you watch the video you will see how absorbing this copter flies; assuming accelerated passes, flips, rolls and abounding added assignment that you would not about apprehend a multirotor to do. It aswell has the adequacy to backpack a GoPro or keychain-style camera or even FPV gear.

The architecture of the Copter is such that the rear bang aswell doubles as a back that runs the breadth of the air frame. The rear boom/spine and the foreground booms are all angry calm with artificial high and lower accouter plates. The architecture absorbed of this architecture adjustment is to accommodate a abiding close anatomy and an simple to alter and bargain alien air frame. The foreground anxiety and appendage box, could actually be replaced at the acreage with a brace simple accoutrement and a few account time. Another architecture application was the accepted shape, something that would be simple to barometer acclimatization from while flying. No charge for black booms or lights to acquaint which way is advanced on this air frame.

Each kit comes with all locations accessible to accumulation with actual little plan or accoutrement required. Aluminum booms are all pre-drilled and broke aswell all plastics and accouterments are included. Please agenda this is for an airframe only, all electrical apparatus are purchased separately.