Do your batteries come with PCB protective boards?_FAQ_aga-power

Do your batteries come with PCB protective boards?

Regarding PCB protective boards, usually we use them for standard discharge current lipos for protection. For high discharge current lipo packs as listed in our prices list mainly for RC models, usually we do not put PCB in them, due to this is not good for the RC models during the process of flying. 

As you know that the PCB has a limitation of current, so when you are doing some 3D aerobatic flights or some other motivations which need a high discharge current to support the RC model to finish their flights. 

If this high discharge current was limited/cut-off by the PCB, then the RC models will be crash down during the flying process. So for high discharge current, we usually do not use PCB boards. And on other hand, the cost for such kind of PCB is also high. So please just feel free to use our lipos for your RC models. Expect your kind understanding.