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How To charge my batteries?

If you have purchased a peak charger, congratulations! Just stick to the directions.
If you have purchased a timed charger, you will have to be very systematic about charging and discharging your batteries, or else you will ruin them quickly. Here's how to proceed: 
Every time you customize the battery, charge it fully while monitoring time it requires. (New batteries will always be offered fully released.) Can you be sure once the battery is fully billed? By holding battery inside your hands and preventing the charge once the battery begins getting warm to touch. 
Place a label around the new battery saying the number of minutes it requires to charge. 
Never charge a partially billed battery. Always discharge it by running it inside your vehicle before the vehicle begins to get rid of its punch (more about this below under "How do you turn off and on?") Allow the battery awesome before re-charging. 
Charge a completely released battery based on its label, or perhaps a couple of minutes less. When the battery isn't warm in the finish of charging, you are able to "peak" it by charging a little many monitoring the temperature together with your hands. 
You now appreciate why peak battery chargers count the additional money. 
Don't charge battery power when it's hot from getting used. Wait for this to awesome, utilizing a fan if you would like it to awesome faster.